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August 28, 2007

Why South Africa is forever lost –

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The other day, my comrade in arms & fellow blogger ‘Uncle Cracker’ wrote a moving, upbeat article entitled “Why Whites will rule South Africa again”. Judging from the comments, it was quite a popular piece – well-articulated and with some compelling facts. I found myself re-reading it a few times, perhaps in the wan desire of wanting to believe its message of hope. Instead, on each occasion it left me with a consuming sense of sorrow…so dear reader, I beg your forbearance as I set out the grim, disconsolate truth of what may become of us White victims in this accursed, forlorn country.

UC’s piece is resplendent with hope and a subtle, beguiling promise of better things to come. But alas, Friedrich Nietszche’s immortal words “Faith: not wanting to know what is true” comes to haunt me. I’m not a religious man, never have been. In my view, hope and faith are corollaries –different sides of the same coin. In order for it to function, faith requires a wilful suspension of reason and logic. Once reason has been suspended, anything and everything, no matter how bizarre, how fanciful or ridiculous becomes eminently feasible. It was unsurprising that most comments to UC’s article were replete with religious citations.

The racial question is the key to world history…all is race, there is no other truth – Benjamin Disraeli.

We turn to history to see the rise and fall of civilisations – the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians – glorious, powerful empires which existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years before eventually self-destructing. Many definitions exist for the concept “civilisation”, but for purposes of this article, it is meant to proscribe the full range of social and cultural manifestations unique to a particular ethnic or racial group. This includes language, culture, technology, art, religion, values, customs and ‘weltanschauing’ or world view. Critical to the existence of any civilisation is the cast-in-stone requirement of racial and territorial homogeneity. In any given territory, the population making up that society will imprint its unique cultural attributes to its buildings, towns and cities. Think of the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, the Great Wall of China, or the Statue of Liberty as symbols of various civilisations. If for example, the entire French population is replaced by Swedes or Turks, within a few short years, that new population will indelibly imprint its own characteristics on France, replacing everything that was uniquely French. Demographics, and nothing else determines a civilisation.

The rise and fall of civilisations

Bust of Nefertiti, circa 1350 BC

Without fail, every single powerful civilisation in history was drawn asunder by the introduction and assimilation of a foreign, mostly inferior race. In ancient Egyptian art, early murals circa 1450 BC depict a light-skinned Nordic people with high cheekbones, straight blonde hair and even blue eyes. Pyramids built during these earlier Egyptian dynasties still stand to this day. Later Egyptian art (circa 710 BC) catalogues a much duskier race of people, complete with short, curly hair, flat noses, thick lips and dark eyes. Pyramids built during the later stages of this civilisation have virtually crumbled to dust alongside much the older ones which remain virtually intact. As one delves into the history of Egypt, amazing parallels can be drawn to modern day South Africa – a once thriving White Egyptian civilisation which drew in hundreds of thousands of black Nubians as a cheap labour force, eventual assimilation between the ancient Egyptians and their Nubian slaves and the eventual predomination of the swarthier, diverse race, and ultimately, the complete collapse and destruction of this once mighty White culture.

Left: the White Egyptian Pharaoh Tuthmosis III circa 1450 BC, and right, the Black Nubian Pharaoh Shabako, circa 710 BC. The last White Egyptians had vanished prior to 800 BC, physically integrated into the mass of Nubian and Semitic peoples who had come to dominate that land. The resultant mixed race population was unable to withstand new invaders, some Semitic and some Black.

The most prominent of the Black Nubian invaders then set themselves up as new Egyptian kings, later called the 25th Dynasty, dated from 746 – 655 BC. As can be seen from the racial features of the statue of Shabako, above right, the 25th dynasty was clearly non-White. Compare Shabako’s features to the unmistakably White visage of pharaoh Tuthmosis III (1490-1436 BC) left.

Unable to maintain the originally White civilization they had inherited, the 25th Dynasty sputtered out of its own accord and was finally destroyed by an Assyrian invasion. Although the fall of Egypt is officially dated as from the end of the 25th Dynasty, in reality the true ancient Egyptians had vanished more than 200 years earlier.

Source: March Of The Titans: A History Of The White Race

The former glory of the Portuguese Empire

The White race can be divided into three dominant groups, viz: the Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean subgroups, with the Italians and Portuguese falling into the latter category. Portugal was a country who literally conquered the world over a period of several centuries. The Lusitanian civilisation consisted of remarkable philosophers, mathematicians, poets and engineers who eventually colonised great swathes of Africa, South America and even Asia. Unlike the Dutch, British and Spanish empires, the Portuguese were the only conquerors who imported great numbers of black slaves into their home territories. Portuguese royalty kept them as sex pets, and eventually, the Lusitanians, whose heritage is drawn from Celtic & Iberian tribes, started interbreeding with their captive servants.

Paintings and art from the 14th century shows the Portuguese as light-skinned, tall, almost slender people with aquiline noses and high cheekbones. The modern day version is a much shorter, quite stocky and noticeably dark-skinned iteration. From a wealthy, ingenuous race who ruled half the world a bare 400 years ago, it is no accident or twist of fate that modern day Portugal is the second-poorest country in Europe, preceded only by the Albanians. White racial contamination is barely discernable in one or two generations – the catastrophic genetic results only become visible over a period of 100 years or more.

The Aryans in India

Perhaps the most significant example of racial diversity corrupting the fabric of a highly advanced civilisation is that of modern day India. In 1500 BC, the ancient Aryans living in what is known today as Iran (this race also known as Indo-Europeans or Caucasians) swept over the Himalayas to the Indian sub-continent, conquering the local black / aboriginal peoples. The original name India was coined by these Aryan invaders from the original Sanskrit word “Sindu”, which was the name given to the river today known as the Indus. The word Aryan has its etymological origin in the Sanskrit word Arya, meaning “noble” or “nobleman”. Interestingly, the name of the country we know today as Iran, is a corruption of “Aryan”.

Many entries recorded in the ancient Hindu texts of the Rig Veta bear testimony to the history of that epoch. The invading Aryans fought many battles with the black aboriginals they encountered, eventually subjugating and enslaving them. Over hundreds of years, the seemingly inevitable spectre of miscegenation became a major issue, with a number of Indus Valley states falling into sloth, folly and decay. Those Aryans who preserved their racial purity were aghast at the consequences of their racial kinsmen interbreeding with the lower blacks, as evidenced by the retrogression of some of the states.

The Caste system

By the sixth century AD, sixteen Aryan states were partitioned on the Indian subcontinent and Brahmanism became the chief religion. The conquering Aryan race instigated a de facto, early version of Apartheid, known today as a “Caste” system, to preserve their status and their racial identity. The Hindu word for “caste” is “Varna” which directly translated into English means colour. The caste system was (and is still to this day) quite literally predicated on white and black. At the top of its hierarchical structure is the Brahmin priest class – the most pale-skinned & tallest. At the very bottom exists the darkest skin colour, known as the “untouchables” or “pariahs”. Each class in between these two poles has its firm place in Indian society, and is rigorously enforced. Your profession is quite literally dictated by the hue of your skin, so in today’s semantics the Hindu term Varna also pertains to occupation or trade. Honour killings (as in the style of Islam) are regularly committed where for example a girl of a lighter skin colour would dare consort with a lower caste Indian, and her father or brothers murder her so as to spare themselves the social ostracisation.

Even in modern day South Africa, a large percentage of Indians still hold great stock in the caste system. Despite the myth and lies built around the man, Mahatma Gandhi was obsessed with shielding and protecting his Indian race against what he termed the “raw kaffir who passes his life in nakedness and indolence” and fully acknowledged White racial supremacy.

The Indian film industry (known as Bollywood) idolises the Brahmin class, and both male & female actors are exclusively and without exception tall, very light-skinned, with high cheekbones and aquiline noses. This phenomenon is of course not limited to India but is prevalent the world over, where especially black women spend millions of dollars on skin-lightening products. In both South Africa and the USA, they spend fortunes on hair straightening products and wigs. No price is too high in a desperate attempt to emulate the beautiful Nordic, Aryan look – not only in the self-esteem of these black women, but clearly in the perception of their black menfolk – the lighter-skinned a black woman is, the more prized and sought after she becomes in this intriguing scheme of Negroid aesthetics.

Darwinism & Natural Selection

But alas, a real flesh & blood White woman, no matter how ugly, unattractive or diabolically unpleasant, is still regarded in the minds of black men as a higher prize than any light-skinned black woman. Examining this phenomenon through the lens of Darwinist natural selection explains it well – since the core premise of evolution is for an organism to have its DNA injected into the highest, worthiest specimen so as to ensure the best chance of successful continuation of its genes, it stands to reason that black males adore and worship the idea of having a White female to breed with. Not only is it a tacit admission of their own racial inferiority, but also subliminal acknowledgement of their own view of White racial supremacy.

While this is hugely beneficial to the primitive black races, precisely the opposite is true for the evolved White race. Despite the best intentions of the ruling Aryan / Brahmin warrior priest class in India, miscegenation took its toll over centuries and millennia. In spite of the fact that the system exists to this day, the original racial pyramid has flattened out considerably. Many of the clear racial differences are fading even though one can still discern the lighter hues and taller statures of the higher castes. The country which is India today, is a country of many dichotomies and contradictions. It falls solidly in the domain of being a third world country. Most of its cities are filthy slums where people defecate and copulate on the streets, where they are born, and where they die.

India is home to the most squalid, inhumane examples of poverty and suffering, and yet, it is a country which possesses nuclear weaponry, which has a sophisticated IT industry and which boasts shiny glass & chrome high rise buildings stabbing into its grimy skyline alongside the most abominable hovels. Racial mixing has produced a coffee-coloured people who for the most part will live as disease and poverty-stricken sub humans. Only a very small percentage will form the elite and enjoy a decent life.

As the green thumbs amongst you know, a rose garden is one of the most difficult horticultural endeavours to undertake. Roses need constant loving maintenance in the form of pruning and just the right amount of fertiliser & water. They need to be protected from the ravages of insects, weeds and undesirable influences. Abandon a magnificent rose garden, and in a short space of time, it will be overrun by weeds. Left to the tender mercies of nature, every single delicate, beautiful rose bush will eventually wither and die, and all that will remain, are kakiebos and unsightly long grass.

And so it is with our precious White tribe in South Africa. We are headed to resemble modern day India. This is how I view the South Africa of 200 or 300 years in the future. The White race would have ceased completely to exist. Our precious progeny and their children would either have intermarried with the black subraces, murdered out of existence by blacks, with the rest of the shocking attrition figures caused by emigration. Statistically, we are dying out more rapidly than any other ethnic group in the world. We have the lowest birth rate of any other race group in the country, the highest murder rate, and the highest emigration rate.

White South African civilisation as we know it, officially ended in 1994. The momentum of our remarkable achievements from long before that fateful date is still carrying this country forward, but there is no denying the laws of physics, particularly the law of entropy. Most ominously, there is no denying the law of demographics.

Clutching at mystical straws

Some of us cling to the dubious, easily misinterpreted ramblings of “Siener van Rensburg” and “Johanna Brandt” as we stand frozen like a hare bathed in the dazzling headlights of an oncoming car, grimacing and gritting our teeth as we wait for the impact, but bizarrely hoping for some miracle hand to swoop down from the heavens and whisk us to safety. The mysticism & prophet junkies would do well to consider the following facts: Nostradamus wrote in quatrains, couching his verbiage in vagueness ostensibly to hide his apocalyptic visions from offending the Catholic church of the day. Hence, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint what he is trying to communicate, and wide open to a range of interpretations.

Similarly, Siener van Rensburg wrapped his visions in allegory, hyperbole and metaphor approaching levels of extreme poetic license that would have made acid head Jim Morrison of The Doors rather envious. Again, so open to varying interpretations that one is tempted to think of the nihilistic adage “there is no truth, there are only ways of seeing it”. The first book on Siener Van Rensburg was published post 1994. Coincidence, or a case of “necessity being the mother of invention”, such invention being the mystical, faith-based need of a vanquished people to delude themselves with mumbo jumbo promises of regeneration and racial survival?

The other well-known prophetess in Afrikaner lore is the Joan of Arc like Johanna Brandt. The supposedly Delphian Brandt had such gloomy, apocalyptic visions of White annihilation it almost drove her insane. Unlike Siener, Johanna’s visions had no happy endings – ruinous, malefic and calamitous visions of burnt corpses, rivers of blood and cacophonies of wailing, anguished cries of children fading to grey and then a merciful black. Unsurprisingly, little mention is made of the sibylline Ms Brandt, while Siener is premium content on every white wing blogsite.

We, the Sheeple

We, the White tribe of Africa are truly behaving like a herd of Wildebeest being stalked by a pride of lion. As the lions charge, we run like hell for a few miles, and even faster when we hear the hijacker’s gunshots zooming past our ears. Eventually our wild gallop slows to a trot, and finally to a standstill as we realise we’re out of danger, for now. Thankful that we were spared this time, we loudly bellow our disapproval over one of our number who is being devoured, but we stoically put our heads down and continue grazing. But not for long, as a new set of predators stalk us, and the mad rush to run for safety starts anew.

Again we eventually stop, bellow our anger at yet another of our herd taken out, but relieved it wasn’t our turn and so we carry on grazing again. And so we repeat this process a number of times a day, every day, week in and week out. Now and then we hold counsel, twitter and nervously discuss “The Big Cull”, when, as our soothsayers have darkly predicted, men with helicopters and machine guns will drive us into a corner to decimate us en masse. Steadily our numbers, which at some distant point resembled the great herds of American buffalo, are being culled and whittled down, but we take solace in the fact that our mantic prophets have promised a “New Dawn” which will follow the “Big Cull”, from whence we will happily roam the plains again.

Some of our more disbelieving, cynical numbers have broken ranks, heading on long treks to the sweet green grass of Australia and New Zealand. We’ve excoriated them as treacherous chicken runners. Just a few more short years, and at this rate, our herd will be completely extinct…the last of us to be devoured will probably in his death bellow, lament confusedly “but this is not what the prophet promised would happen”…

Dreaming of insurrection

Let’s pause to consider for a moment the scenario that a well-armed, well-funded band of White men actually manages to seize executive control for a period of time. Great stuff, we have White hegemony again – over what? Take a trip to the central business districts of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, PE, Bloemfontein, and in fact every single small town in this country. What do you see? Teeming masses of blacks, upturned oil drums on every street corner roasting mealies, thousands of street vendors on formerly pristine sidewalks selling vegetables…filth, squalor and garbage strewn everywhere. This is no longer South Africa! How are you possibly going to clean this up?

Food hygienists tell us we can take a block of cheese which has a small corner of mould, slice off the bad corner, and still safely use the rest of it, but if the entire bar of cheese is covered with mould, you simply throw the whole thing away. In the few years between 1994 and 1997 we might still have had a chance to slice off the mould, but now? The putrefaction has set in completely, the cancer has spread too far – its in the muscles, the layers of fat, the subcutaneous glands, the bones…we’re terminal, in stage three…so let the Judas goats from Hospice whisper sweet quotes of Siener in your ear, to distract you from your grim destiny…anything to ease the pain, any opiate that can be administered to soften the edges of reality, let’s have it please, but just don’t tell us we’re dying!

Never mind the mundane day to day logistics of maintaining, let alone restoring a formerly White civilisation – let’s analyse how will our merry band sustain this? Any first year political science student will tell you that the most essential component of a coup d’etat is to have the backing of the army and / or police, or by proxy, high ranking ANC appointed army generals who can be bought off or otherwise won over to the “White” cause. You’ll have more success poking butter up an angry rottweiler’s butt with a hot needle. The history of Africa is replete with coups d’etat, where a small group of mercenaries swoop in on behalf of corporation a, take out dictator x, install dictator y, get paid and leave. Ten years later, corporation b decides they’d like a part of the action, so they get the same mercs to take out dictator y, install dictator z, and so the process is repeated.

Loving Freedom & democracy

There has never been a single example of any African coup being pulled off for purely social / moral / ethical reasons, such as dictator x being a bad guy. If Zimboonia had oil deposits or launched Scuds on Tel Aviv this would have been done long ago, conveniently under the guise of “restoring justice and democracy”. Sadly, the British & American governments show a jaw-dropping ambivalence to their own sanctimonious values of “freedom & democracy” and will strangely enough only act when their morality forms a nexus with peak oil & geopolitical threat levels to Israel.

Countries don’t have friends, they only have one thing – healthy self interest – and right now, a formerly magnificent White civilisation under siege in some turd world backwater doesn’t even feature as a blip on the moral radar. In truth, these countries have already bought off all the criminals in the Azanian regime – through arms deal offsets, the robber barons of Thint, British Aerospace and Saab are raping us to death. A band of righteous White hicks somehow managing to off their ANC warlord chums will merely serve as an irritation, and will be instantly squashed like cockroaches by crack SAS or American Spetznaz forces.

Secession or A Final Solution?

What can possibly be conceded is the highly unlikely but tantalising prospect of such a merry band legally seizing power in for example, the Western Cape. This will by necessity involve the coloured community, who despite having their own interests at heart, will much rather align themselves with a reactionary White movement than the Marxist Afro-Nazi cabal. This sounds wonderful, but again, the inexorable law of demographics & racial identity will inevitably rain on our parade. Whites will be in the minority in such a coalition, as they will also be demographically. So whose culture, values and world view will be stamped on this enclave of civilisation? Harsh as this may sound, the racial realities of White lebensraum dictates an all or nothing scenario. Grab the Western Cape, and the first order of business is to export, banish and ethnically cleanse the region of any & all non-Whites in a heartless endeavour not unlike Hitler’s “Final Solution”.

This is not only logistically impossible, it is morally reprehensible and very few, if any White einsatzgruppen will have the stomach for it. A softer alternative may be to re-implement Apartheid, not the corrupted version of the eighties, but the orthodox, undiluted version as dreamed up by Verwoerd. This might work fine for a decade, maybe two, after which a replay of the run-up to 1994 will be assured – as with the Indian caste system, Apartheid was more beneficial to blacks than what it was to Whites. No matter where we turn, the crisis which confronts us seems insurmountable.

Quality vs Quantity

Uncle Cracker is right when he says our intellectual superiority is our most formidable weapon. Unfortunately, a quick look at history short-circuits this argument, except perhaps in the case of the Jews. The mighty empires of the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Aryans fell, in spite of their superior attributes. When the struggle is quality versus quantity, it seems quantity wins outright. It seems the old rules of survival no longer apply, a different, perhaps non-linear model is needed.

Take for example the ancient religious system of Judaism. An age old debate rages on as to whether Judaism and Jews are a race, or a religion. For centuries, Jews have planted colonies of their kinsmen in a diverse range of countries. You get Russian Jews, French Jews, Polish Jews, Spanish Jews, American and South African Jews. They will assume to a degree the culture, values and ways of the host country, including language. But while they do this, they practice what can easily be termed as the world’s only racially exclusive religion. Compared to any other race, creed or ethnicity, Jews rarely intermarry with non-Jews. Unlike most other religions, they do not proselytize or recruit new members, and conversion to Judaism is one of the most difficult, rigorous processes. They remain racially homogeneous and in the event that one of their tribe crosses the line, it is so rare that it does not represent a threat to the collective. In this manner, Jews have managed to survive and thrive as a distinct ethnic group.

Using this highly effective system of survival, they’ve noticeably not built great temples, monuments or other visual proof to distinguish their racial identity, although through science, arts and culture they’ve contributed a great deal of value to Western civilisation. Through ‘Bell Curve’ IQ tests, Jews are acknowledged to possess superior intelligence. Jews are universally reviled for their hypocritical advocacy of racial diversity, while practising precisely the opposite as it applies to their own tribe. Whatever one’s take on the ethics (or lack thereof) of their modus vivendi, in the final analysis they are masters at survival – with survival being the ultimate gauge of racial viability. It seems there is much that we can learn from them.

Quo Vadis?

To conclude dear reader, let’s say you tearfully concede to my ominous, dreadful auguries, and ask – quo vadis then? Let me treat you to one of PJ O’Rourke’s timelessly inane quotes, which is “wherever you go, there you are”. And so it is with this cancerous racial diversity thing – like a shadow, wherever you are, there it will be. Every single major White western country is in mortal decline. Plummeting birth rates, teeming hordes of subhuman scum streaming into the heartlands of White Western civilisation.

France features a full 10 % of its population as black Muslims already. 150 Mosques in Paris alone, with another 200 under construction. The rest of Europe’s future is just as gloomy. The USA, fixated with (and totally distracted by) an Islamic Jihad, is quietly being overrun by “La Raza reconquista” proponents of which are hell-bent on establishing Aztlan. Israel has at most another 30 years, before being overrun by hundreds of millions of Arabs whose next stop is Europe and the Caucasus. China is rearing up like a serpentine sea monster.

Worldwide our once Titanic White race is in retreat, and it seems if we were to consider that the enemy is already within the gates, the question follows – how serious is the infection? While this is hard to answer, the percentages of foreign racial colonies implanted are serious enough to admit that the character of our collective White Judeo-Christian civilisation has been irreparably changed. Even if we were to stem the flow immediately, or even reverse it, the damage has been done. The world is going to be a very different, rather unpleasant place 70 to 100 years from now. Mercifully, you and I won’t be around to witness it, so take (cold) comfort in that.


  1. ok – but why are you so verbose – make a poster, design a t-shirt — i skimmed through most of your piece – and would really have enjoyed it at around 800 words – kind of self-defeating – yeah but south africa – right now – sucks

    Comment by droe wors — August 29, 2007 @ 11:24 am

  2. I see your point, in order to wake people up though, we need to raise awareness outside of South Africa. Local know that this is the true state of affairs. Foreigners don’t seem to care or believe us…

    Comment by afrikaners — August 29, 2007 @ 11:49 am

  3. You bloody racist pig!!Listen times have changed so move your ass along with it. The thing you have in common with those blacks you talk so badly about is everything except pigmentation. It’s pathetic pieces of shit such as yourself who are an embarassment to our country!

    Comment by SickOfStupidPeople — September 18, 2007 @ 3:50 pm

  4. SickOfStupidPeople,

    Please use better language as foul language rather says something about who IS stupid.

    I have Black friends who are now embarrassed to be black and guess what, many of them are now emigrating to the UK because they feel that South Africa has no future under the ANC Government.

    Let’s face it, we have two options, Civil war or move. I am an Boer and my forefathers created a country here that exists nowhere else in Africa. I think it will take the ANC another 5 years before South Africa is another Zimbabwe. You don’t have to believe me, we will revisit that topic in 5 years from now.

    As for our beloved country, it slips further into the 3rd world domain….

    Comment by afrikaners — March 27, 2008 @ 1:40 pm

  5. dude, sa is in a spiral. what are you boys doing there?
    nobody will return while you guys keep un stuffing it ok.

    Comment by Nick — August 15, 2009 @ 2:39 pm

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