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August 28, 2007

Typical day in the new South Africa – courtesy

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As usual, the purpose of this Blog is to draw attention to the way South Africa (ex-Apartheid Valley) is going to the dogs under the ANC leadership that so many Liberals all over the world help take over power in South Africa. So most civil people and companies in South Africa have limited time available before they will either be murdered/maimed or forced to leave South Africa.

The following stats are from this tribute to a 29 year old father of a 3 week old baby, Brandon Krog’s tribute website – the heading to his tribute:

Brandon Krog

20 Oct 1968 – 13 Feb 1998


” A Victim of South African Violence “

This website has been constructed as a memorial to my brother Brandon,
who was brutally murdered in an attempted robbery in
Germiston, South Africa on Friday 13th February 1998.
He was 29 years of age and left his wife Colette and 3 week old baby, Sinead.
In addition to this, on the day of his funeral, my mother was hijacked and 3 years later
my father shot in the face while simply collecting pizza on his way home. Sounds like a
horror fairy tale ? Well it’s true, every single word of it.

Anyway, since 1994, an estimated 273000 people have been murdered…at least 2500of those have been farmers. Anyone familiar with Zimbabwe and what is happening over there, we know what is coming to South Africa…food prices already jump 3% per month or more….

Back to a typical day in the newspaper in SA:

Just another day in paradise….ho hum!

‘I watched my son die trying to save me’
A Pretoria mother who watched her son die at the hands of a gang of armed robbers says she will never forget her soulmate.Francois Viljoen ,25, a self-taught musician, was gunned down in the early hours of Saturday morning when he was woken by his mother’s screams for help.
‘Mommy, mommy, daddy is dead’
For R200 and a couple of rings, Justin Browne died in a pool of blood in his home in front of his young children. Browne, a general manager for the event company Strike Productions, died after assailants slit his throat in his Northwold, Randburg, house on Saturday night.
Retired journalist found murdered
Naked and alone on her smallholding, retired journalist Muriel Bates ,73, was stabbed to death by people who allegedly broke into her home.Bates, who was actively involved in voluntary work for the South African Air Force Association up until her death, was last seen by her neighbours about 6pm on Saturday. She lived alone on a plot in Alwynspoort, situated between Walkerville and Eikenhof, south of Joburg.
Killers ‘rode into sunset’
Pretoria – Wood thieves Richard Khoza and Wilson Manganye had known that Ludwig Wambach – once linked to the gruesome murders of his mother and sister -would die when they hanged him by his neck from a tree, the Pretoria High Court ruled on Monday.
False Moses gets a free pass out of prison
Moses Petersen spent the weekend in jail because police at the Johannesburg magistrate’s court released another Moses on bail instead of him.And when Petersen complained on Thursday that he was still in custody despite paying bail, police charged him with helping Moses Azozie escape and held him until on Monday.


  1. Hello. I live outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA), and while helping my nephew with his geography project about South Africa, I found your website. I do not know what to say except to express how saddened I am to know that this is a daily reality for the people of South Africa. Our news media covers very little about what goes on there, and when it does cover a story about the region, it is only a short snipet of information that is quickly buried beneath other news and events. If there was a way that I could make things right in the world, such things would not happen. But, I know that all that I can do is pray for peace, safety and prosperity for the people of South Africa and hope that God hears and grants this prayer.

    Comment by Lady G — March 27, 2008 @ 1:10 pm

  2. Thank you for the sympathy Lady G…I have been lucky not to be affected by crime yet. I got married recently and we would like to have kids. Having decided that, we are looking at leaving the country as it would be unfair to subject a wife and child to crime and no opportunities because he/she is white.

    See, that is the other problem, so many people with skills have left this country because of crime. The ANC Government is not serious about fighting crime and some people believe this is by design to frighten whites out of the country. The big Trek though includes educated young black people too who have enough.

    So, the third world tag is just around the corner.

    Thank you for your prayers, please pray too for 3000 murdered farmers, a few hundred thousand raped women and children and a nation that will never be at peace again.

    Comment by afrikaners — March 29, 2008 @ 3:34 pm

  3. Fifteen years ago my wife and I discussed our future in South Africa and decided it was likely to go the way of Brazil and it was time to get out. Some regrets and I do miss Africa but not the crime and everyday violence, plus we have a built a good life here on the leafy fringe of London with many holidays in Europe and the States.

    Comment by Arnold Ward — May 12, 2008 @ 8:46 pm

  4. This country is becoming the 2nd Zimbabwe.The new apartheid is called affirmative action.Race is the new barrier, to get government contracts you must be a BE company,(black empowerment)forget promotions if you are white!Whites pay 71% of the tax income received by the gov, but can not assure their future in this country.Many whites are murdered in the most horrific way daily with no press coverage but a racist incident on a university are televised for more than 12 days! Go figure!Why did SA have the most effective infrastructure in Africa?Guess who created it?Where is it now?Yes, soon all of us whites will be gone,and then we will see the downward spiral of poverty, war and the genocide as in most African countries blessed by wealthy mineral resources.I am sad to make these comments but the writing is on the wall.Africa will always be plagued by famine, war,genocide ,dictatorship and corruption.

    Comment by rat on a sinking ship — November 11, 2008 @ 2:36 pm

  5. Hi, the story above relates to my late son, Justin, MURDERED. Well to date we still await a trail date for three of the four who murdered him, the forth is still accross the border. Well done SAPS, now whats with the courts. Justin, will always remember you, your loving Dad.

    Comment by Ray Browne — December 31, 2008 @ 4:15 pm

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