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August 28, 2007

300 township pupils attack, vandalise two Afrikaans schools in Germiston

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‘pass one, pass all’ shouted a former pupil recognised by the principal…

GERMISTON, South Africa. August 22 2007 — “When we looked again they were there, there must have been about 300 youths, attacking our school with stones, bottles, tins, anything they could throw at us,” a terrified pupil of Germiston High School told Beeld newspaper yesterday. A large gang of youths arrived, rampaging through the school grounds, smearing paint on the school signs, attacking and robbing vendors, a parent and a pupil at the local railway station, and throwing in all the windows of the school with terrified pupils cowering inside the classrooms. They also threw stones at passing motorists.The police was no-where to be seen.

Principal André Beukes said the large group of aggressive black youths from nearby townships had showed up just after noon. The clearly well-organised group then moved on to nearby Germiston South Primary School. Its alerted principal Lanette Fouché said the aggressive group of youths had showed up at about 1.30pm — but by then the school had blocked its entrances. The youths physically attacked and robbed a parent who was just getting out of her car.

“I recognised one of these youths as a former pupil and asked him what was going on. He shouted back ‘pass one, pass all,’ the principal said. Beukes said these youths have been organised to ‘destabilise all the schools whose staff had not participated in the recent public-service strike.” These youths are also demanding that all the pupils must pass their exams ‘ because it will be the fault of the teachers if they fail’, she said.

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