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August 3, 2007

Afrikaners: demonised, terrorised, arrested, raped, murdered, slaughtered for muti…

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From CrimExpoSA, by Adriana Stuijt August 02, 2007 —

I am a retired South African journalist and have been monitoring the situation in South Africa for the past ten years.
I am growing very concerned about these clear signs of government-directed genocide targetting the Afrikaner-Boer nation in South Africa.

It’s not only the more than 2,000 Boer farmers who have already been murdered and the many tens of thousands of Boer women raped and traumatised during more than 25,000 armed attacks against their homesteads since 1994, but there has also been a massive ethnic-cleansing campaign by the ANC-regime to remove all cultural traces of the Afrikaner-Boer’s very existence on the map of South Africa, with their so-called ‘name-change’ madness.

This together with the huge increase this past year in armed attacks targeting primarily Afrikaner/Boer households in cities and towns (more than 13,000 attacks in the past year alone according to the latest SA police statistics), are all signs of pending genocide of the Afrikaner-Boers in South Africa.

Moreover, the ANC-regime itself is increasingly engaging in public hate-speech and deliberate demonisation of Afrikaners in the ANC-supported news media outlets. Afrikaners are often also seen being arrested for even the most minor offences or even for no reason at all, thrown into jails, and the trend seems to be to also deliberately take them very far away from their own local police stations — and where these Afrikaners also are put into police cells with hardened criminals and raped or even murdered.

Arrested Afrikaner- (and indeed also English-speaking white) women are also reportedly being taken on ‘terror-rides’ into high-crime areas by black police officers just to terrify them into believing that they are going to be raped. These kind of cruel incidents are reported all over the country lately and yet the regime seems to take no steps to try and control such police officers or even begin to punish them for their terrorist behaviour.

Moreover, the ANC-regime has also made countless laws, which are very similar to those seen targeting Jews in Nazi-Germany. These laws bar primarily Afrikaners from the entire labour market and remove them from land-ownership only because of their ethnic origin. These laws are hiding behind loftily claims such as wanting to help the ‘previously disadvantaged’, however these laws are plain and simply, ethnic-cleansing laws. More than 800,000 Afrikaners (and there are only 3-million of them in the world…) are now living below the breadline in South Africa, and their best-educated young people have fled abroad because they are being barred from the labour market.

The ANC regime also bars Afrikaners from educating their children in their own language and are forcing Afrikaner children to be educated with and by people who are not familiar with the Afrikaner culture at all. When one reads the UN Convention on Genocide, it is becoming clear that all of the above actions by the ANC-regime are labelled as part of a growing trend towards genocide — ethnic cleansing.

And Afrikaners who dare to protest against this are thrown in jail and labelled as ‘racist anarchists’.
The latest such case was lodged against four Afrikaner children who had scratched new street signs in Potchefstroom — a traditional Boer town, built by Voortrekkers, which is now being renamed after some unknown African. This town happens to be the centre of religious learning for many Afrikaners, with its own Christian university — founded during the Boer-Republican days — and the ANC is now targetting this entire town for its ethnic cleansing campaign. In fact its most historic Voortrekker-built church, the church which the last Boer-Republican president Paul Kruger, was married in, has only recently mysterious burnt down. And this is not the first historic “Afrikaner-Boer’ monument which has been destroyed.

Everything which sounds Afrikaans has to be removed from the South African map, it seems. I post details of this ethnic-cleansing campaign on the Crime Busters of South Africa website, which can be found on MSN Groups.


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