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August 1, 2007

The Truth about Apartheid

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Hopefully, there should be a Wiki soon – for the Liberals, by those who have to live in your “Rainbow Nation”

Thanks to (Kubersluiper) for this piece:

History shows the flip-side of the coin:

· The Native Pass Law (1809) of the British Government compelled Black people to carry pass books;

· In 1865 Sir Theophilus Shepstone made it impossible for Black people to vote in Natal;

· Cecil John Rhodes in 1894 stopped a Brown man, Krom Hendriks, from taking part in a South African cricket tour to England;

· Rhodes* in 1905 introduced compulsory division between Black and White scholars in Cape schools;

· The Native Land Act 2(1913) prohibited land ownership by Blacks;

· Min. H.W. Sampson (1925) introduced job reservation as regards the Law pertaining to Mines and related industries;

· The Immorality Act in Natal (1927) prohibits sexual relations between people of different race and colour. (This was confirmed by Law 23 of 1957);

· Gen. J.C. Smuts in 1936 introduced separate representation in Parliament;

· The Native Urban Area Act 25 (1945) stated that Blacks may not, without a permit, remain for 72 hours in an urban area;

· The National Party in 1948, defeating the SA Party at the ballot box, respected all land- and provincial legislation, and stuck to entry and non-entry signs at all state departments, public places and businesses which indicated where the various races would be served.

· At the start of the Verwoerd era, freedom was given to all those who wanted to utilise it. Self-government was offered to the various Black nations, an offer they grabbed with open arms. The offer was made after the well-known British “winds-of-change” speech in die South African Parliament. The very offer was made by the British Government to Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana, self-governments which are still in place today.

* Betwyfel of dit wel Rhodes was aangesien hy op 26 Maart 1902 oorlede is. My bron het waarskynlik Milner bedoel.

“The ANC as well as the international World ignores these historical truths, especially with regard to the years 1948 through 1966. However The Truth and Reconciliation Commission questioned no-one from that era. In 1966 South Africa experienced unparalleled prosperity with 2% inflation and 6% economic growth.”

Uit my brief aan Maqekoane, Julie 2006, op die webwerf EuroAfricaCentral, Lombaard answers Maqekoane:
Verwoerdian Apartheid: A Political Hoax

On 16 June 2006 the blame of the violent strike (66 murders on the last count) by security personnel was again laid on the ‘inheritance of apartheid’, while Apartheid died with Adv. Strijdom (Dom Pass) in 1958, where after Verwoerd implemented self-governance. Blaming Verwoerd for Apartheid was the greatest historical faux pas and political hoax ever cooked up about South African history. This hoax will immanently be realised and thereby will vanquish the very foundation of popular political causes, as well as intro’s to the RSA Constitution and new Acts. History shows that no socio-political system can survive inherent falsehoods. Some or other time the truth will catch and incarcerate the lie.8

I shall stand up in memory of that silent generation, Mr Maqekoane, those whom you call up in vain, as they were either silenced during the struggle, or thereafter by old age. And those still living, risk to be silenced for speaking up. I have personally met some of those conscientious and sturdy men from the Verwoerd era. I will, however, not divulge their names for fear of their families’ safety, due to the lust for retribution by their very fellowman … and easy access to matches, gasoline and old tires, as so many intimately have experienced.

Real Apartheid

Yes Sir, intimidation is well and alive among us – the slaves of a new kind of Apartheid Regime where a populous broad base vote somehow gets channelled to elevate one national group to rule over all other nationalities. The more things change the less they seem to have changed! Power shifted hands, nonetheless discrimination and retribution prevail, feeding favouritism and vengeance in a future day and age! Nonetheless, we seem never to learn from history. And so Apartheid prevails in government!9 What a concurrence of a point of view indeed, Mr Maqekoane! 4

The so-called liberal South African political model is contrary to modern political movements all over the world, where more than twenty nation states evolved since the 90’s of which the majority are ethnically based. Our model is contrary to the AU Convention, determining self-government to all nationalities under certain conditions. It is against the United Nations Charter and contra International Law. Even the European Union is built upon nationality; however South Africa remains caught up in an antiquated and obsolete political model, one that Verwoerd already broke when he was assassinated, for someone’s fear that he would succeed.

The Fruit of Self-Determination

Continuing ‘standing up for a lost generation’: One such man, whom I have met, was a multi millionaire businessman, who many years later told me that the Honourable Verwoerd’s door always stood open to him, as for all other South Africans, irrespective of race, creed or colour. Another, whom I recall, was a man who founded a furniture business. I advised these and several other African gentlemen on their investments – great wealth created during the so-called Apartheid-Era.

Today, one visits the remains of the erstwhile Homeland Industries and “growth points” that were developed within close proximity of working peoples’ homes, where once wealth was created, and today squirm in poverty, representing the shambles of neglect by the present government. Where are Government’s Economic Development Policies regarding these areas, let alone Budget?

The Fruit of Post-Apartheid

Verwoerd’s stance was in stark contrast to Mbeki’s, who ignored not only my previous letter, but consecutively an urgent plea to discuss economic reform to save the poor, and consequently the country from crime. Then, it is no surprise that the present government’s economic record begins to show, despite Mbeki’s call for that magical Verwoerdian economic growth rate of 6%, and obviously neglecting the inflation rate of 2% – last month posting Rands billions trading deficit and having lost 1 million jobs since 1994! You do not have to be a statistician to realise that when certain grocery line prices jump four times the original price in four months, your economy heads for more than a 1000% inflation rate, similar or worse than Zimbabwe’s!

The following from a recent press report: “ALMOST every government initiative has failed to live up to its objectives because of poor implementation. And there is no clear and comprehensive anti-poverty plan to address the poverty and hunger of millions of South Africans. These are two of the damning findings by academics and researchers commissioned by the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to review democracy and human rights in South Africa over the past 10 years. Their disconcerting findings are published in a book, Reflections on Democracy and Human Rights: A Decade of the South African Constitution, which will be officially launched in Johannesburg this week and edited by University of Fort Hare Professor Nasila Rembe.”10

The First Colonizers

Now the question remains whether Africans, black, brown and white will keep on harping on the past. Who were intruders, settlers, colonizers and imperialists first?11 The Nguni and Sotho people who migrated into Southern Africa from the Great Lakes during the 1400’s, killing tens of thousands of indigenous San and Khoi, as is so well remembered by the latter, together with the original conical stone house dwellers – the highly skilled metal and gold masters of Mapungubwe and the Zimbabwe Ruins – of whom even the name was obliterated in the Nguni-Sotho advance? Followed by the Venda and Lemba people during the 1700’s? Or was it the Voortrekker cattle rangers, my progenitors the Boer-Afrikaners 12 , who in the wake of the Difiqane entered the Transvaal in 1836, putting an end to human slaughter, which between 1818 and 1838 killed an estimated 3 million indigenous people by the IMPERIALISTIC RULE of Shaka, Dingane, Mantatisi, Mzilikazi, Hurutzi and others?

Who should answer to whom, Mr Maqekoane? Where would you and many others, now living, have been, had Boer-Afrikaner intervention not have happened? And is your solution the same as Robert Mugabe’s, i.e. to get rid of the white man, and in your view, it seems, of the Boer-Afrikaner? Is that the motive we have to understand behind 1,800 farmers, and Boers, killed since 1990? Not by open warfare, no, that would be politically incorrect, as South Africa is seemingly at peace from within and without, but by ambush by day and skulking at night, brutally maiming the aged, the crippled, the infirm and children before killing them barbarously and inhumanly. Still more martyrs, on behalf of what? For African civilization, maybe an African Renaissance?

Or because Africa feels she has a debt to settle, Amandhla! Africa, being “the cradle of mankind”, 350 years ago, at least, must have been so advanced that there should have been plenty schools, universities, hospitals, libraries, grammar books, buildings, churches, palaces and paved roads as in Europe at the time, all of which must have been razed by the intruding white settlers. Does Africa believe and propagate that lie? What then may be believed as African accuracy? Where have it led in the past, and where does it direct Africa’s future?

Who wishes the Afrikaner abolished, who, not for the fear of being run over (and kindly remember the status, so craved by many countries, Nuclear State), but for the courage and faith in peaceful co-existence, handed over the reigning power to his fellowman – an historical enigma – to give Africa its highest token of trust, until then. Is the Boer-Afrikaner that African nation that Africa wishes to see eradicated?13 If so, Africa stands in concord with British Colonialism of a century ago.

Then Africa should refrain from making so much palaver about Colonialism, as she indeed is as guilty as anyone else!

The Boers’ Role

The Boer Republics cannot be ignored or “told off”, as so rhetorically suggested.15 They were hard earned at great cost in lives, fought for against the imperialist British, causing a Holocaust of up to 20% of the Boer population. Have their attempted eradication succeeded? Will anybody else’s succeed? Boer People showing the way to freedom for all Africans; Boers that stood as towers of peace between faction-fighting Black tribes, and of blessing to the hungry and despondent, supplying food, clothing, health care, education, jobs and earnings, concepts up to then unknown among the tribes.16

In stead of rhetoric 17 , kindly state your case. Prove the incidents, the case studies, of what you aspire to lay on history whereby to create a more hate-inflated Africa, ready for the slaughter, who, from 1976-90 rather massacred their own people than the Afrikaner. Name cases and judgements, if not within South Africa, then at World Courts such as Den Haag, where the whole Boer-Afrikaner nation, not the government, stands indicted and proven guilty. If we do not know history, how would we build the future? On illusory creations by the living of the dead, having again to relive the lessons learnt in past lives?

Orania 18

Regarding Orania I have the following questions for Mr. Phillip Pule Maqekoane:

· How many Blacks-Only villages exist in Africa?

· How many Black Only Clubs and Groups all over the world by choice, mostly all respected by other races?

· And why not those singled out in your rhetoric?

· If Orania wishes to farm their own land, what has that got to do with anybody?

It happens all over the world that certain cultural/religious groups wish to maintain their culture, language and religion, live and stand together and nobody lifts as much as an eyebrow. Think of the Mennonites in the USA, and the German communities in Paraguay. However, you find it worthy to mention? Is that honestly with respect for diversity?


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