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April 20, 2007

“Ordinary people” – in South Africa

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There is going to be a few rants on this page. None of these will be directed at insulting the following Indigenous people (including White people) who can put their hand on their heart and agree to the following:

  • Reasonable peace loving individuals
  • Someone who believes that everyone and their things deserve respect
  • Who understands that in nature and life, every action has a reaction
  • That to steal is not OK
  • Elders, women and children are the pillars of our community
  • Someone who does not waste and destroy the natural resources around him/her

Now that is my definition of an “Ordinary person”.

Savages are in over supply her. People are killed for a cell phone. Babies are raped because they are a “cure” for AIDS. White people (especially males) are refused jobs and end up overseas (maybe where they belong and are much safer and appreciated). Sad state of affairs and we cannotkeep quiet anymore.

I will not at least. I will try and be fair and objective in this blog. I will try and show the good in this country too so check the Good News section too!

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